A whiff of danger in the autumn air

On our drive to lunch in Anglars-Juillac yesterday, we saw them. Three men, walking in separate fields, rifles held carefully in the crook of their arms. Easily identified by their orange hats and/or orange vests.

In other words, it’s hunting season.

Which is fine with me, in general. While I’m not a hunter, I do relish a delicious dish built around fresh venison, or hare, or wild boar.

But there is also a whiff of danger in the air, especially on those Sunday mornings when you feel like a nice little bike ride from Daglan to Castelnaud, taking the back route through walnut groves and cornfields and tobacco fields that have been harvested and tilled. It’s just a bit disconcerting to know that there are men throughout the fields, toting guns, and looking for the sudden movement of a stag.

This leads to my essential advice if you’re planning to cycle around the countryside this time of year. First, do not wear that beige-and-brown cycling outfit you’ve just bought. And most important, do not under any circumstances wear that oh-so-amusing bike helmet with the antlers glued to the sides.

You’re welcome.

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2 Responses to A whiff of danger in the autumn air

  1. Ray Edamura says:

    Hence, I’m too horny to ever ride a bike in France…

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