Dish du jour — 2010/09/11

Reader response is the lifeblood of blogging. (Well, one of them anyway.) So when a loyal reader suggested that it might be time for the somewhat famous Chudy Diet — a green salad plus white wine for lunch, and that’s it — I leapt into action. (Well, sort of leapt.)

So today we headed north to the beautiful village of La Roque-Gageac, for a late lunch at our favourite restaurant there, L’Ancre d’Or (the Golden Anchor). We sat in the blazing sun on the terrace, because the place was jammed even at 2 p.m., so there were no tables under the awnings, and began with kirs.

And while my wife again had the excellent grilled duck breast, served with potatotes sarladaise (in the style of Sarlat, cooked with garlic and duck or goose fat), I had a salad! Admittedly it was the salade gourmande — which includes a slice of toast on top, with a round tranche of paté de foie gras, and some thin slices of dried duck breast, but mostly it was lots and lots of lettuce and bits of walnuts, tossed in vinaigrette. Like this:

Salade gourmande

The salade gourmande at L'Ancre d'Or

Now before I mention dessert, I will point out: that this morning, my wife walked to Le Peyruzel, the hamlet at the top of a hill above Daglan, where she returned an old dog that had wandered away from its home and wound up in our village; that I rode my bike to St Pompon and then up the hill towards Besse; and that we are going out for another bike ride soon to Castelnaud and back.  (It’s almost 6 p.m. now and a great time to ride.)

Okay, now dessert: for my wife, the Coupe L’Ancre d’Or, a sundae made of vanilla ice cream, walnuts, walnut liqueur and whipped cream; and for me, a thin slice of apple cake garnished with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream and a miniscule dollop of whipped cream.  And just a half bottle of rosé with the meal. And no cafés! How will such willpower ever be rewarded!

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