Dish du jour — 2010/09/10

Today we headed off to the town of Bergerac, about 60 kilometres west of Daglan, to meet a friend for lunch and to discuss business opportunities in and around the Dordogne.

For much of the way, it’s a beautiful drive, especially when you’re winding up and down the forested hills, or cruising along the Dordogne. At one point, as you cross the Dordogne into the village of Lalinde, there’s a stretch of river with more swans than I’ve ever seen in one place. There must be at least a hundred of them, stretched along a kilometre or so of river, floating, or flapping in the water, or nesting on small islands. It was all the more beautiful today because the weather was back to being perfect — deep blue sky, a few fluffy clouds, no humidity, and a temperature in the low to mid-20s.

The discussion during lunch was fun and chatty and useful, as our friend Joanna is much more settled into Dordogne life, and generous in sharing her knowledge. And of course a lovely meal is often finished with a lovely dessert, like today’s dish du jour — a mille feuille of crunchy wafers separated by a thick cream that was not too sweet, and decorated with fresh raspberries and edible flowers. Like this:

Mille feuille

A beautifully decorated dessert

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2 Responses to Dish du jour — 2010/09/10

  1. Mary L. says:

    You’re going to have to go back on your old salad & wine diet, Loren. I had to join Weight Watchers just from reading your blog.

    • Jennifer Charabin says:

      I’m with Mary L. (although, I was pleased to read about the 20 km bike ride in an earlier entry!) Seriously though, you write/photograph food like no other Laurent. And I hope the pussers are embracing their new home.

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