The birthday lunch

It was drizzly this morning as Birthday Girl and I headed up to Sarlat for some last-minute shopping, which included the essential items of white wine and a lovely silver bracelet. Then it was back to Daglan for our lunch at Le Petit Paris.

I am happy to report that we are now greeted by Madame with bisous (one kiss per cheek), and that the restaurant was completely filled by 1 p.m. For greater involvement, I now switch to the present tense.

We begin with a type of champagne cocktail that neither of us has tasted before. It’s nothing more than champagne with a touch of orgeat,  an almond syrup that is (apparently) an essential for a mai tai (who knew?). Delicious, and Birthday Girl says it tastes somehow Caribbean, which is never a bad thing.

Then we move on to the entrée, which is one of les idées du moment, or the chef’s ideas of the day. It’s a rich lobster bisque, in which floats a canneloni pasta tube that’s stuffed with a delicious shrimp filling, like this:

Lobster bisque

Lobster bisque -- with shrimp canneloni

To accompany our main course, we order a bottle of chablis (since the restaurant is — shock, horror — out of Sancerre), and then proceed with another l’idée du moment item for Birthday Girl and a menu regular for me.

Birthday Girl’s choice is Dorade Royale, which is Mediterranean sea bream.

Serving of dorade royale

Dorade Royale -- Mediterranean sea bream

As for me, I have the lamb sweetbreads, which have been cooked in an Armgagnac-based sauce, and are served with the house gnocchi.

Serving of lamb sweetbreads

Lamb sweetbreads and gnocchi at Le Petit Paris

Just to round things out a bit, Birthday Girl has the warm fresh strawberries with an incredibly rich strawberry ice cream, while I have the coconut and pineapple flavoured dessert of risotto sucré, or sweetened cold risotto. Oh yes, and then a glass of poire eau de vie for Birthday Girl and vielle prune for me. And a couple of cafés. And a couple of small squares of brownies, which are always served with the café.

Hey — it’s just what you have to do here!

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3 Responses to The birthday lunch

  1. Teri says:

    Lovely! Big bisous to the birthday girl.

  2. Rob says:

    All the best to the birthday girl. Gros bisous!

  3. Double D says:

    I can’t think of a better place to have a birthday. Happy Birthday.

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