A road trip with the pussers

They made it across the Atlantic without incident, spent a night in Paris without incident, endured a four-hour train trip without incident, and then breezed through a two-hour drive from Brive to Dalgan. However, this afternoon’s 22-km drive to our new vet in Gourdon proved a bit too stressful for our pussers. The female, Amélie, wet her cat carrier on the way to the vet; and the male, Scooter, made, shall we say,  a messier mess on the way home. How embarrassing.

On a brighter note, tomorrow (September 7) is a Significant Birthday for my Significant Other, and so we are off to Le Petit Paris for a fabulous lunch. Le Petit Paris is the excellent restaurant in the centre of Daglan, where the chef is (we think) un artiste. I can almost feel a “Dish du jour” post in the making.

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2 Responses to A road trip with the pussers

  1. Janet Roberts says:

    Many bisous to Jan on her birthday…I at least know how to “deliver” them properly thanks to Radio Free Daglan. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Loren says:

    Thanks from Daglan Jan to Doc Jan — we’ll certainly have a fine day. Watch for more mouth-watering photos from the culinary heart of our village, Le Petit Paris.

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