Dish du jour — 2010/09/01

Small dishes of food, like tapas, are not only appealing, but deceiving. You think you’re eating a light meal, but in fact by the end of it you’ve packed away 3,950 calories.

That was pretty much the story for me today at Le Tournepique, the Basque restaurant at the foot of Chateau Castelnaud, about 12 kilometres north of Daglan. (A favourite biking destination, although today we travelled by Silver Fox, the car.)

We began with a glass of sangria (the restaurant’s version being quite dark and potent), and then ordered a bottle of Spanish rosé and a bottle of sparkling water to accompany the meal. Then I had the 24-euro menu, which includes a selection of tapas entreés, including Serrano ham, sausage, and a four-part plate of various goodies like marinated peppers and anchovies and mussels, looking like this:

Picture of tapas appetizer course

The appetizer (entrée) course

Following which came the plat principal — the main course — of tapas dishes, like chicken and potato and pork, looking like this:

Three dishes of main tapas dishes

The tapas main course at Le Tournepique

Following all this (plus, I’m sorry to say, far too many slices of bread for the necessary mopping-up of sauces) came a small cheese course served with black cherry preserves, and then for dessert, a slice of Basque cake. And then, of course, coffees. All in all, a very filling and delicious “light” meal. Finally, here is the view from our table, up to the chateau:

Photo of Chateau Castlenaud

Above, the chateau ... and below, the Dordogne River

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