One Sunday, two markets

Most towns and villages in the area have at least one open-air market per week. Sarlat, a larger town, has its markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In Daglan, our weekly market — held in the main square (unless it’s occupied by a large bumper-car ride, during our annual fête) — is on Sundays.

So in Daglan this morning, my wife bought some nice strawberries from the strawberry woman. Then we hopped on our bikes, and headed off to Cazals — a somewhat larger village about 20 kilometres away — which also has its market on Sunday. Now the Cazals market is a much bigger affair than ours. Not only are there stalls for veggies and cheese and cooked chickens and so on, but there are books, sausages, honey, pottery, herbs, flowers, clothing, shoes and slippers and much more. But we were only looking. Our goal was to have a nice, simple lunch at Auberge de la Place, and then get back on the bikes. And that’s exactly what we did, after a half hour or so of wandering through the market in the centre of the square. By the time we finished our lunch, the men and women of the market were already breaking down their stalls, folding up their tents, and shutting up the sides of their trucks.

Then they were off, and so were we. And by the way, it’s an absolutely beautiful day, with a deep blue sky, hardly a cloud t0 be seen, and temperatures in the mid-20s with no humidity. Pretty close to perfection.

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    I’m sitting at my desk reading this. And sobbing…

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