Dish du jour — 2010/08/25

Have you ever ordered a cheese course instead of dessert in a posh restaurant? I’ll  bet you have. And I’m sure you were surprised and delighted by the beautiful platter, on which were the following: three walnut halves, two filberts, a teaspoon of fig compote, a drizzle of honey from acacia flowers, and two slices of cheese, each large enough to (barely) cover your little finger. Yum. And for that, you probably paid not much more than $18 or $20.

Well then, be prepared for this entry in our “Dish du jour” feature. Today around noon we headed off to Dégagnac with friends Paul and Judith for the menu du jour lunch at Auberge sans frontiere. This is a set-price lunch, amply described in my blog on 2010/08/20, so I will be brief. We began with aperitifs (okay, they cost extra), after which we received two bottles of red wine (one per couple), the large tureen of vegetable soup, entrées such as sliced tomato salad topped with chopped hard-boiled eggs in a light mayonnaise sauce, and then such main courses as escalopes of turkey in cream sauce, accompanied by lentils and excellent crispy slices of fried potatoes. The three others at our table had desserts, while I chose the cheese course.

Now let me remind you that the whole meal (including the red wine, but excluding extras like the aperitifs and a bottle of Perrier) cost all of 11 euros per person. So, are you ready to see the cheese course? This is the tray that was brought to me, so that I could choose as many cheeses (and as much of each) as I would like:

Cheese platter at Auberge sans frontiere

An abundance of choice: How wonderfully cheesy!

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1 Response to Dish du jour — 2010/08/25

  1. Suzanne says:

    One word: Yum!

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