Would you believe Day 4?

Okay, now the fête de Daglan is in its fourth day. Yikes. On the way back from a cheap-and-cheerful lunch at the café at the base of Castelnaud, it turned out that we were following the path of today’s bike race. Several guys on road bikes raced past us, and while they were going fast, they weren’t going fast — if you see what I mean. In other words, we could almost keep up. Anyway, it turns out that they were just warming up for the race itself, which didn’t start until 2:30, or about a half hour ago. Frankly, I think the serious Contrada and Social Contrada bikers could be contenders next year — Keith, Doug, Ray, Michael, Dave, sign up now! Your photos could be in a famous blog, like these!

Bike racers in Daglan

The peloton cruises through Daglan

Bike racers in the village of Daglan, France

On the main street through the village

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6 Responses to Would you believe Day 4?

  1. Suzanne says:

    What fun! Is it just the men who race, or is it open to women as well??

  2. Loren says:

    And furthermore…yes…those are banana leaves…we are not in the tropics, but several neighbours have banana trees (plants?).

  3. Ray Edamura says:

    Looks like it would be a lot of fun – if I wasn’t an old fart!

  4. Double D says:

    Wow that is awesome, what amazing fun. I would compete for the lantern rouge and hide in a tavern to win it! Day 4 and a bike race? are you sure you two are not at Epcot?

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