Daglan’s big day — Part III

The rides were whirling, the techno-music concert was pounding, and the visitors were clogging the main street of Daglan as we headed out last night just past 11. It was the end of the biggest day of the fête — with the parade floats heading out of the village, and the fireworks starting.

Unfortunately, two guys who’d had a bit too much to drink got into a shoving match on one of the floats, and the tussle looked like it was going to develop into a full-blown fight. So, with discretion being the better part of valour, we moved back a bit, and started to watch the fireworks, looking over the rides and snack bars. It looked like this:

Fireworks in the sky over Daglan

Fireworks above Daglan

After a few minutes, we walked farther along, where the crowds were gathered — between Le Thé Vert and Le Bistroquet at the south end of the village, and completely covering the bridge over the river. From there, we watched the finale:

Fireworks near end of display in Daglan

The action got bigger and better near the end of the program

And the final bursts of fireworks were really great, lighting up the hills over Daglan. And when it was all over, we walked home — to enjoy the sounds of the techno-music concert banging away until 1 or 2 in the morning. Today, Monday, there are a few more activities — including a bike race of some sort — but we think the big excitement is over. And with any luck, most of the noise. But all in all, it was a blast. Like this:

Final blasts of fireworks at Daglan festival

Fireworks light up the sky, the village, the hills

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