Dish du jour — 2010/08/22

There’s a beautiful village called Trémolat about an hour’s drive from Daglan, with a very good restaurant called Le Bistrot d’en face. The “d’en face” part of the name means that it’s across from something, and that something happens to be Le Vieux Logis, a charming (and expensive) inn that’s part of the Relais & Chateaux group. It looks like this:

A beautiful inn in Trémolat, France

The inn across from Le Bistrot d'en face

The Bistrot makes what are arguably among the world’s best french fries — identified on the menu as grosses frites à la graisse de canard, or “large french fries cooked in duck fat.” They are neither greasy nor ducky, but instead are simply thick, perfectly cooked, and delicious fries. So we split an order of those to have with our main course, which was delicious grilled lamb. But the frites are not pictured today because, frankly, even great french fries look boring. So instead, here is what we had for dessert: a frozen Grand Marnier soufflé with bits of candied fruit inside, and a drizzle of raspberry coulis. Scrumptious.

Frozen Grand Marnier soufflé

The frozen soufflé at Le Bistrot d'en face

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