Daglan’s big day — Part II

After a delicious jambalaya dinner at Le Thé Vert, we decided to stroll the strip — checking the after-hours action that’s at the core of the Daglan fête. First stop, the kiddy bumper cars, at the south end of the village. (Yes, there are two different bumper-car rides: one for the kiddies, one for older kids and the occasional adult.) The kiddy cars  were zooming:

Bumper car ride for younger children

Zoom zoom: Automotive action for the younger set

Then we moved along to the centre of the village, the square that’s very near our house, where the bumper cars for the somewhat older set are located. Again, the action was pretty good:

Bumper-car ride in Daglan

Zoom zoom: A more experienced crowd

Finally, here’s a photo of some men about town, so to speak, stocking up at Le Palais du Sucre. (And listen, it’s not all about the cotton candy, or barbe de papa as they say here — there’s waffles and candy and lots of deep-fried donut-ish thingies.) In fact, it’s a virtual Sugar Palace!

Candy shack at the Daglan fair

What a rush -- a sugar rush

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2 Responses to Daglan’s big day — Part II

  1. Rob West says:

    Did thet have “deep fried butter” or profonde du beurre frit?

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