Daglan’s big day — Part I

We’re in the midst of it now: the fête. Last night we did our best to tune it out, as we were still a bit shell-shocked from Friday night’s music, dancing, and cheap rosé wine. So we hunkered down in the den and watched all of “Local Hero” on DVD and then the last part of “Ron Burgundy” and then the last part of “The Bourne Identity” on English television. (Excellent reception, by the way; thanks for asking.) The movies and a sufficient quantity of white wine helped distract us from the techno concert booming away until 2 or 3 in the morning (or whenever it was). But today — Sunday — is the big day for the fête. Late this afternoon, in heat that was reliably measured as 35 degrees celsius in the shade, we had the parade.

Sophisticated? No, not really. Big budget? Not so much. But plenty of music, several goofy floats, and a lot of enthusiastic people having fun. Men dressing up as women, and both men and women wearing huge Afro wigs, seem to be traditional. Here’s just one view of the crowd:

Crowd scene at Daglan's parade

Check out the man in pink, dancing in the centre

And here’s another view of the parade crowd:

A crowd near Le Bistroquet in Daglan

Watching the parade weave through Daglan

And at the front of the parade came a tractor, pulling what was supposed to be a mariachi band. Well, sort of.

A mariachi-type band in the Daglan parade

They're called Los Mariachis, evidently

And then there was the (possibly) inevitable rasta float:

A float in the Daglan parade

It's the rasta men! In Daglan!

And then, at the end of the parade, came the drummers. Not bad, either.

Drummers in the Daglan parade

Bang the drums loudly, guys!

And that was that. So now we are preparing to wander over to Le Thé Vert for — wait for it — the soirée jambalaya! That’s right, a dinner of jambalaya and salad and then, around 11:30 tonight, the fireworks begin. We’ll watch them from the rear terrace of Le Thé Vert, which looks out over the Céou River towards a big hill where the fireworks will be fired off. And you thought Daglan was quiet. Ha! Just wait.

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3 Responses to Daglan’s big day — Part I

  1. ChiefScout says:

    WTF? The French are supposed to be the bulwarks of culture, protecting the world from the onslaught of flabby US and Canadian vulgarism.

  2. Double D says:

    11:30 fireworks really? Is Daglan that far north? It’s dark by 8:30 here now. All that partying on a Sunday night you would think the Oscars were on……late.

  3. loren24250 says:

    Yep, 11:30 for the fireworks. Not because it’s not dark enough earlier in the evening, but because we Daglanais simply have too much partying to get out of the way first!

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