Gonna wait ’til the midnight hour…

…Okay, it’s past midnight. The bumper cars are still bumping in the square (40 seconds from our front steps), and the concert is still rocking. We’ve danced until we can’t dance no more (I think there’s a song there), and I’ve won two prizes for our cats (I’m not sure there’s a song there) by throwing some balls at some cans, and shooting darts with a crossbow. The prizes are little stuffed toy animals, by the way.

Putting it simply, what fun! I think the Daglan fete could be a 24/7/365 event.

By the way, since you asked, the band is much better than Caged. It’s 10 male musicians and five female singer/dancers. Best by far? The drummer. Gene Krupa meets Ginger Baker. (Okay, anyone under 60 has NO idea who those people are.) Very up-to-date music: Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley. The fun never stops in Daglan. Personally, I’m glad I waited ’til the midnight hour.

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1 Response to Gonna wait ’til the midnight hour…

  1. Rob West says:

    “Very up-to-date music: Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley. ” Um .. Laurent, it may be just me, but “very up-to-date music” and two performers who are dead (one for 33 years) just don’t line up. I’m just saying. Where is Justin Bieber?

    La grand fête sounds .. grand. Wish we were there. But wait .. we *will* be!!

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