Feeling hot, hot, hot

Suddenly it’s the real deal: summer is here. Beautiful rich blue sky, with fluffy clouds, and lots of heat. Temperatures this afternoon have climbed into the low 30s (celsius). That’s toasty but not oppressive, because the humidity is low. And now, the Fete de Daglan begins. Tonight, the big communal dinner, and then the concert.

With the start of our festival, all the beauty and charm that you could imagine in a medieval village come into full bloom. Just for example, we now have the bumper car ride installed and ready to go, right in the middle of our square (which is exactly 40 seconds from the front steps of our home, if you go at a leisurely pace). Nothing could fit in better than a nice bumper car ride, as this photo clearly shows:

Kids' ride in the centre of Daglan, France

The beauty of bumper cars

Throughout the village, there are stand-alone stands for candy, games, drinks and treats. Here, for example, is a stand that’s been set up just in front of the lovely patio of our excellent restaurant, Le Petit Paris. Should make for interesting fine dining:

A stand positioned in front of Daglan's fine restaurant

Behind this yellow stand, there's a fine restaurant

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