Bang, bang — you’re married!

We had a wedding in the village of Daglan today, with two interesting touches.

First, as we ate lunch on a terrace around 1 p.m., we saw a car driving around the village with what looked like two figures perched on top of it. Sure enough, it was a pair of inflatable people — a bride in her gown, and a groom in his tux. Here’s how they looked once the car was parked in our main village square, later in the afternoon.

Car with wedding figures

You could call this the Wedding-Mobile

Second interesting touch was the series of explosions — lots and lots of firecrackers, snapping and banging and popping. Even when the wedding party emerged from the church for photos, late in the afternoon, the firecrackers kept on popping. Festive, but a bit unnerving if you’re not expecting it. Didn’t seem to phase the wedding party, however. Bang, bang — you’re married.

Wedding party at the church in Daglan, France

Wedding party, unfazed by firecrackers

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