Last night in the ‘sixties

In the late 1960s, I was the pop columnist for Canada’s largest newspaper, The (Toronto) Star. And last night we were able to relive some of my musical memories. Yes, the members of Caged, who performed at Le Thé Vert during and after dinner last night, are some good ol’ guys who cover bands like the Stones, and who perform such timeless classics as Satisfaction.

Not breakthrough stuff, exactly, but still a lot of fun. We were all up on the terrace, at the rear of Le Thé Vert, and the band was strung out along the back of the swimming pool, facing us. There’s the drummer in the centre, surrounded by the lead singer and three guitarists.

The dinner served by Judith and Paul and their team was yummy: iced gazpacho; chili in wraps with creme fraiche and salsa plus salad; a nice cheese course; a Pavlova for dessert; and of course lots of wine.

The evening was all the more enjoyable because we reacquainted with Julie and David, a couple we had met at Le Thé Vert on a previous visit. So we sat together, sang along with the band, and caught up on life in the Dordogne. They’ve been here four years, and love it. We do too.

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1 Response to Last night in the ‘sixties

  1. Judith says:

    We enjoyed it too. Check out your photos on Le Thé Vert facebook page – didn’t manage to get one of you dancing though!

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