Tonight we’re gonna rock!

Our village’s tea salon/restaurant may seem like an unlikely locale for a rock mini-concert. But our friend Judith, who runs Le Thé Vert, is doing her best to add more spark to village life. This season she’s had several musical evenings, when she serves dinner and has a musician or singer or a group perform for the clients. Tonight she’s shaking it up with a visit by a rock group that’s apparently well known in these parts. All we really know is that their name is Caged. So I guess it’s official: tonight we’re gonna rock!

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2 Responses to Tonight we’re gonna rock!

  1. Suzanne says:

    Remember to keep the slam dancing to a minimum — they might not be ready for that!

  2. Ray Edamura says:

    Good thing I’m not there to embarrass you… I dance like Elaine.

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