Three nice things

Our work. The cabinetmaker, Alex, did a wonderful job of custom-building a large oak china cabinet and a very large armoire, which is set into the fireplace in our bedroom. Now he is getting set to add more storage capacity to our new room upstairs, and also to build a new door from the street into the room that has become our den. We are getting a quote this weekend for all the painting, plastering and staining that needs to be done to get things really looking good. But it’s progress!

Our lunch. Today we drove (in the “loaner” car from VW) to one of our favourite villages, Monpazier, which is also in the Périgord Noir part of the Dordogne. We ate outdoors, under a lattice of vines, at Le Bistro 2, another exceptional restaurant which we highly recommend. Very creative takes on the food, and very well executed. For my plat principal, for example, I had an absolutely delicious glazed piece of ham hock, perfectly tender, and served with a delicious gratin of potatoes and cheese. Every dish from the amuse bouche to the desserts was superb.

Our car. It’s back! The service garage at the VW dealer did indeed understand me, and had the car ready and waiting (and newly washed, again) when we arrived late this afternoon. The defective electronic gizmo, which was signalling low oil pressure, has been replaced. And we had time, on the way home, to stop into Orange (the France Telecom outlet for mobile and Internet communications) and buy a wall phone. Oh joy!

Loren and VW Golf SW

Picking up the new car

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6 Responses to Three nice things

  1. Rob West says:

    I look forward to the Laurent De Daglanaise restaurant ranking system, near the top of which will be Le Bistro 2 in Monpazier, oui?

  2. seth says:

    ooh la and la! next time im in Monpazier, I know where Ill be dining…

  3. Jennifer Charabin says:

    You look happy Loren and fourth nice thing–not a cloud in your French sky. By the way, immensely enjoying Radio Free Daglan.

  4. Ray Edamura says:

    The bliss of retirement – oui?

  5. Gaynor Black says:

    I am very much enjoying Radio Free Daglan! Also from the photo of you beside your car, you have definitely taken on the appearance of a Frenchman — I mean, you look so French! Assimilation was quick, I think.

  6. Hi Loren, You look great, and it’s sooo nice to see. I’m actually at Ariad today and your daughter told me about your blog. I’m really enjoying it because a) you write really well (of course) and b) you are so obviously having fun.

    I’ve had the blogging bug for about four years, and just now getting into in a big way. I blog about my travels in India and related topics; and my blog is about to expand to a magazine format. These things can take over your life, be careful!

    Take care, I’ll keep reading Radio Free Daglan, cheers.


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