Food artist at work

Daglan has three places to eat: Le Thé Vert, the tea salon that serves up wonderful breakfasts, lunches and of course, teas; Le Bistroquet, which is newly opened as a bar/café with informal food; and Le Petit Paris, which is the serious food place.

Today was our first lunch at Le Petit Paris since we arrived, and it was simply wonderful. We began with kir vin blanc, the must-do aperitif. No rillettes today (they are served before each meal, with a basket of bread, at no charge) as we are trying to cut down — at least a little. Then a brilliant tomato soup — fresh and sweet tomatoes, crushed, served with a large dollop of very fresh, soft chevre, and sitting on top, a perfectly grilled piece of bread that was rubbed with garlic and festooned with Serrano ham. The main course, or plat principal, was a modern take on paella combined with risotto: richly flavoured rice, studded with small mussels, a large grilled shrimp, a few small chunks of chorizo sausage, and then splayed on top — an entire grilled quail. Absolutely delicious.

Quite simply, the chef at Le Petit Paris is an artist.

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3 Responses to Food artist at work

  1. DavidT says:

    My mouth is watering! I see no reason why you should ever leave Daglan 🙂

  2. Michael stokely says:

    Yum. I’m starving now.

  3. Kathryn Ashby says:

    Rillettes tomorrow. Kir blanc everyday! Life is fab!


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