What a difference a month makes

We have been in France countless times, but never during the months of July or August. Yet here we are, in August, in the heat of the summer, and in the crush of Vacationland. Hordes of vacationers from England, Holland, Spain, and of course France wander through the towns, and drive everywhere. We’re told that it’s busiest between mid-July and mid-August, and we can see the evidence. As you drive through Daglan now, you’re especially cautious because a four-year-old could dash out of a shop and straight into the main street that bisects the village. We are already changing the routines that we establish in May and June and September and October — where we eat, where we drive, where we shop. Now we look for the less popular places, hoping that we’ll find a place to eat, and a place to park. What a difference a month makes.

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